About the Archiving Option

The Archiving Option includes the following features that you can install separately or together:

  • The Backup Exec File System Archiving Option, which archives the eligible Windows file system data.

  • The Backup Exec Exchange Mailbox Archiving Option, which archives the eligible Exchange mail messages.

To find the data that is eligible for archiving, Backup Exec applies rules to the selected file system shares and folders and to the Exchange mailboxes. Data in the selections is eligible for archiving if it is backed up and meets the criteria that the rules specify. The archive job then sends the data to disk-based vault stores. The data is deleted from its original location on the resource immediately after it is archived, or after you back up the vault store.

You can apply retention categories to the data that is archived that specify how long to keep data in the archives. Backup Exec can automatically delete the archived data that has expired retention dates.

If you install and configure Backup Exec Retrieve, end users can access their own archived files and mail messages. End users click a link that Backup Exec creates when it archives mail messages or files. The link opens Backup Exec Retrieve where end users can search, browse, preview, and retrieve only the mail messages or files that they own.

By archiving data from the backup sets, Backup Exec eliminates additional querying and movement of data on the resources. After Backup Exec deletes the archived data from its original location, you have more disk space, and Backup Exec requires less time for future backup jobs.

The Archiving Option uses Symantec Enterprise Vault technology to archive data. When you install the Archiving Option, some Enterprise Vault services are also installed.

See About Enterprise Vault services for the Archiving Option.

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