Restoring VMware resources

By default, Backup Exec restores data to the location from which it was originally backed up. If you want to restore data to a different virtual machine than where the data originally resided, you must create a redirected restore job.

See Redirecting the restore of a VMware virtual machine.


To restore virtual machines that were backed up with Backup Exec 12.5, the VMware Converter (4.01 or later) must be installed on the Backup Exec media server.


Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) allows the restore of individual data files and folders. GRT cannot restore system state files such as the active registry.

To restore VMware resources

  1. On the navigation bar, click the arrow next to Restore.

  2. Click New Restore Job.

  3. Select the data that you want to restore.

    See About selecting VMware resources for restore.

  4. In the Properties pane, under Settings, click VMware.

  5. Select the appropriate options.

    See VMware restore options.

  6. Start the restore job or select other restore options from the Properties pane.

Restoring VMware resources