About restoring VMware resources

You can configure restore jobs to do the following:

  • Restore data to the original location or to an alternate location.

  • Turn on virtual machines after the restore job completes.

  • Restore over an existing virtual machine.

  • Restore with a new virtual machine name in vCenter Server.

  • Select the preferred network for virtual machines to use after the restore job completes.


Backup Exec does not support the restore of individual Virtual Machine Disks (VMDK files). If you attempt to restore individual VMDK files, the virtual machine is created with all of the disks that were present at backup time and only the selected disk’s data is restored. The selection of individual disks is recommended only for redirected restores.


To restore virtual machines that were backed up with Backup Exec 12.5, the VMware Converter (4.01 or later) must be installed on the Backup Exec media server.

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