About the SAP Agent

The Backup Exec Agent for SAP Applications (SAP Agent) is a separate, add-on component of Backup Exec. It supports multiple media servers that run on the same network. The SAP Agent lets you back up and restore individual files, entire databases, or individual tablespaces in online or offline mode. You can also back up and restore offline redo logs.

The SAP Agent lets you back up and restore SAPĀ® for Oracle and MaxDB databases using one of the following:

  • BACKINT, the backup and restore interface developed by SAP

  • Oracle’s Recovery Manager (RMAN)

To use RMAN to back up SAP for Oracle databases, you must have both the SAP Agent and the Symantec Backup Exec Agent for Oracle on Windows or Linux Servers (Oracle Agent).

To back up Oracle databases that are not managed by SAP, you can purchase the Oracle Agent. To back up SAP applications that are installed on Microsoft SQL Server, you can purchase the Symantec Backup Exec Agent for Microsoft SQL Servers.

The following features are available with the SAP Agent:

  • Ability to name jobs.

  • Data encryption.

  • Data compression at the client side.

  • Recipient notification.

  • Dedicated network path for SAP jobs.

  • Data integrity verification following a backup job.

  • Increased protection of the SAP Agent catalog.

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