About performing disaster recovery using the SAP Agent

To recover your SAP database server after a catastrophic failure, you must implement a backup strategy before a failure occurs.

When developing a disaster recovery plan, the following backup strategies should be used:

  • Make at least one flat file database backup and make regular offline backups using CCMS. See your SAP Database Administrator’s Guide.

  • Back up the Windows directory on the SAP database server, including the Windows registry.

  • If the structure of the database is altered, perform a full offline database backup.

    For example, if you create a new tablespace or remove an old one, make a complete offline database backup.

  • Always include the backint.xml file in your regular flat file backups of the SAP database server.

    The backint.xml file is usually located in the following directory:

  • Schedule full online backups of your SAP database server regularly.

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About performing disaster recovery using the SAP Agent