Preparing MaxDB databases for backup

Use the following steps to prepare MaxDB databases for backup.

To prepare MaxDB databases for backup

  1. Ensure that the following files are present:

    • SAP.PAR

    • BSI.ENV

  2. Ensure that the following parameters are set during the installation of MaxDB:

    • independent program path = C:\sapdb\programs

    • dependant path to C:\sapdb\<sid>\db

    • independent data path = C:\sapdb\data

  3. Ensure that the following paths exist:

    •   C:\sapdb\programs  
    •   C:\sapdb\data  
    •   C:\sapdb\<sid>  
    •   C:\sapdb\<sid>\db  
  4. Ensure that the appropriate versions of the following applications are installed:

    • SQL studio

    • DBMGUI

Preparing MaxDB databases for backup