Configuring an Oracle instance on Linux servers

You can use the Remote Agent Utility to configure information about the Oracle instances for the Oracle Agent on Linux servers.

To configure an Oracle instance on Linux servers

  1. On the Linux server on which the Oracle instances are installed, open a Terminal window.

  2. Change to the following directory:

    cd /opt/VRTSralus/bin

  3. Start the Remote Agent Utility:


  4. Type 2 to select Configure Oracle instance information, and then press Enter.

  5. Type 1 to select the Add a new Oracle Instance option, and then press Enter.

  6. Enter the name of the Oracle instance in upper case characters.

    For example, ORACLENAME.

  7. Enter the user name for the Oracle instance.

    If the credentials for the Oracle instance are changed, you must update the credentials in this field. For Oracle RAC nodes, enter the same set of credentials for all of the nodes.

    When you use the Remote Agent Utility to enter the Oracle credentials for an instance, the credentials cannot be verified if the user account with which you are logged on is a member of the Oracle DBA group. If the credentials are incorrect, the error “Unable to attach to a resource…” may appear when you run a backup job.

  8. To display the Oracle database in a media server’s backup selection list under Favorite Resources, type the media server name or IP address to which you want the remote computer to publish to.

    The media server lists the Oracle database under Favorite Resources, under Linux/Unix, under <computer name> <root>.

    Oracle RAC databases are listed in the media server’s backup selection list, under Oracle Real Application Clusters. They are not listed under Favorite Resources.

  9. When prompted, specify if you want to use a recovery catalog.

    The Oracle Agent supports the use of the RMAN recovery catalog to manage the backup, restore, and recovery of Oracle databases. If you choose not to use a recovery catalog, RMAN uses the target database control file as the sole repository of metadata.

    If you specify a recovery catalog, any database that you want to back up must be registered in the recovery catalog before you can run backup jobs from the media server.

  10. To use a recovery catalog, type the recovery catalog name and a user name and password for the recovery catalog.

  11. To use a customized DBA-initiated job settings template, type the name of the template.

    See Creating a template for DBA-initiated jobs.

  12. Do one of the following:

    To commit the new entry to the configuration file

    Type Y, and then press Enter.

    To cancel this entry

    Type N, and then press Enter.

Configuring an Oracle instance on Linux servers