About backing up Oracle resources

Before you back up Oracle resources, review the following:

  • You must run the Remote Agent Utility on the Oracle server and add information about the instances before you can perform any backup or restore operations.

    When Oracle instance information changes, you must update the Remote Agent Utility. After these changes are entered, the Backup Exec media server discovers them.

    See Configuring the Oracle Agent on Windows computers and Linux servers.

  • During a backup operation, the amount of data that is backed up may not equal the size of the Oracle files that are on the disk. This behavior is normal. Backup Exec backs up the selected data files as well as a copy of the control file.

  • In a Central Admin Server Option environment, all backup jobs for a specific Oracle instance must be delegated to the same managed media server. If you do not restrict the backup job to the same managed media server, then before you can restore data, you must move the physical media that contains the backup sets to a single managed media server.

    See Restricting the backup of a selection list to specific devices in CASO.

  • If the Oracle database resides on volumes that are configured with Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM), you cannot select these volumes as part of a file system backup.

    The following message appears when you attempt to select the volumes:

      An error was encountered while attempting to browse the   contents of <drive>. A device-specific error occurred.  
  • The database must be in a mounted or open state before you can make backup selections.

  • The database must be in ARCHIVELOG mode before an archive log can be displayed in the backup selections list.

  • The Backup Exec option to display progress indicators for backup jobs is not available for backup jobs when Oracle resources are included in the backup selection list.

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