How to use ADBO with the SQL Agent

In order to protect the SQL server using ADBO, both the SQL Agent and ADBO must be installed. ADBO, which can only be installed on Windows 2003 or later, can use different snapshot providers, including hardware and software. You can select the provider to be used through the Advanced Disk-based Backup options when creating the backup job.

In order to use the Software – Use VERITAS Storage Foundation for Windows option, VERITAS Storage Foundation for Windows (VSFW) must be installed.

If Automatic – Use hardware if available; otherwise use software is selected, the first available hardware provider is used. If a hardware provider is not available, then the first software provider is used. If neither a hardware nor a software provider are available, the job status will depend the job disposition option set on the Advanced Disk-based Backup dialog box.

Also, when using ADBO note the following:

  • The SQL user data and log files must exist on the mirrored volume (plex) in order for the snapshot to occur.

  • To protect system databases, the system database files must reside on the mirrored volume (plex).

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How to use ADBO with the SQL Agent