About redirecting restores for SQL

You can redirect the following:

  • A database backup to a different server, database, or instance.

  • Differential and log backups to wherever the associated database is restored.

  • One or more filegroups in a backup to a different server or instance. Filegroups can be redirected to a different server, but the database file paths cannot be changed. For example, if the filegroup was backed up from G:\SQLDATA, then it must be restored to G:\SQLDATA, even if it is redirected to another server. Filegroups must be restored to the same drive letter and path that they were backed up from.

  • A database from a 32-bit or 64-bit platform to any other platform.

Single-job restores and multiple-job restores can both be used in redirected restore operations.

See Redirecting restores for SQL.

About redirecting restores for SQL