Restoring SharePoint 2003 resources

You can restore SharePoint 2003 resources.

See About selecting SharePoint 2003 resources for restore.

To restore SharePoint resources

  1. On the navigation bar, click the arrow next to Restore.

  2. Click New Restore Job.

  3. On the Properties pane, under Source, click Selections.

  4. Select the full and differential backup sets that correspond to the SharePoint data you want to restore.

    If you restore the SharePoint resources for a portal site in one job, the Index database is restored last. If you are restoring in separate jobs, you must restore the Index database last.

  5. On the Properties pane, under Settings, click Microsoft SharePoint.

  6. Select the appropriate options.

    See Microsoft SharePoint restore options .

  7. Set additional restore options on the Properties pane or start the restore job.

Restoring SharePoint 2003 resources