Microsoft Hyper-V Redirection options

You can set the following options when you restore a virtual machine to a different Microsoft Hyper-V host.

See Restoring a virtual machine to a different host.

Table: Microsoft Hyper-V Redirection options



Redirect Hyper-V sets

Restores a virtual machine to a different location.

Restore to server

Specifies the name of the virtual server where you want to restore the data.

Server logon account

Specifies the logon account for the virtual server where the data is being restored.

Restore to drive

Specifies the destination for the restored data. You can browse to local drives and network drives.

Restore to path

Specifies the target path on the device that is listed in the Restore to Drive field. To retain the original directory structure, make sure that the Preserve tree option is selected in the Restore Job Properties – Settings – General dialog box.

See General options for restore jobs.

If the Preserve tree option is not selected, all of the data is restored to the path that is designated in this field.

Redirect to a different Hyper-V host and register the virtual machine

Redirects the restored data from the virtual machine to another host. The entire virtual machine is restored.

Redirect to a folder

Redirects file sets. The restore recreates the folder hierarchy that is associated with each file.

You can restore these files to one of the following locations:

  • The same virtual server

  • Another virtual server

  • An external hard drive

Microsoft Hyper-V Redirection options