About restoring Exchange data from snapshot backups

Note the following when restoring Exchange data from snapshot backups:

  • If circular logging is enabled, only point-in-time, loss restores are possible. Roll-forward, no-loss restores cannot be performed.

  • For Exchange 2003/2007, individual database restores cannot be performed. The job will fail.

  • The following options are not applicable to restores of Exchange 2003 snapshot backups. Exchange will use the soft-recovery process when restored databases are mounted.

    • Restore all transaction logs; do not delete existing transaction logs (no loss restore)

    • Restore all transaction logs until point-in-time; skip transaction logs after this time

    • Purge existing data and restore only the databases and transaction logs from the backup sets

    • Path on Exchange Server for temporary storage of log and patch files

    • Commit after restore completes

  • For Exchange 2003, data cannot be restored from a snapshot backup to a Recovery Storage Group (RSG).

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