About continuous protection for Exchange data

The Symantec Backup Exec Continuous Protection Server (CPS) combines data protection with replication technology and disk-based data protection. When CPS components are installed on the media server and on the Exchange server, you can continuously protect Exchange data.

When you enable continuous protection, Backup Exec protects the Information Store with a recurring full backup, which is called a CPS Exchange job. The CPS Exchange job is sent to a backup-to-disk folder on a local NTFS volume. You can also enable recovery points that run in between the full backups. Transaction logs that are created after the full backups are continuously replicated to a backup-to-disk folder.

The full backups and the replicated transaction logs provide recovery to any point in time of the Information Store, including the latest complete transaction log. The recovery points let you restore individual messages or folders at a point in time when the recovery point was created. Even without recovery points, you can restore individual messages or folders from a full backup.

The continuous protection feature does not support the following:

  • The Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) snapshot provider. Snapshot options that you select on the Advanced Open File Option backup job properties are ignored for CPS Exchange backup jobs. CPS Exchange backup jobs for Exchange Server 2007/2010 are always run as snapshot backups.


    CPS Exchange backup jobs for Exchange 2003 are always run as traditional streaming backups.

  • For Exchange Server 2003 resources, the delegation of continuous protection-related jobs to managed media servers in a Central Admin Server Option (CASO) environment. Job delegation is supported for Exchange Server 2007 resources.

  • Circular logging, if recovery points are used. Recovery points fail if circular logging is enabled.

  • Clusters.

  • Database Availability Groups.

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