About backing up Exchange 2003/2007

To back up Exchange data, you can select the following:

  • Multiple storage groups

  • Individual storage groups

  • Individual databases (not supported if using snapshot technology)

Symantec recommends that you select individual storage groups for backup rather than selecting individual databases in storage groups. Although you can select individual databases in a storage group for backup, the transaction logs for the entire storage group are backed up for each database selected.

For example, if you select four databases in a storage group for backup, the entire collection of transaction logs for the storage group is also backed up four times. The transaction logs are not deleted until a full backup is run on every database in the storage group. You can still restore an individual database from a storage group backup.


To perform incremental and differential backups of storage groups, or to perform a backup job for which continuous protection is enabled, make sure that circular logging is not enabled on the storage group.

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About backing up Exchange 2003/2007