How to prepare for disaster recovery on a Lotus Domino server

A Disaster Preparation Plan is necessary for restoring Lotus Domino databases efficiently and effectively in the event of a catastrophic failure. The goal is to minimize the time to recover. Developing a backup strategy for your Windows computers and Lotus Domino databases is the critical part of this plan.

When developing a strategy for backing up your Lotus Domino databases, consider the following recommendations:

  • Keep linked databases on one volume. This allows Backup Exec to synchronize the databases before they are backed up.

  • Back up active databases often. This reduces the amount of effort required to update the databases to the point following the most recent backup.

  • Ensure that the notes.ini,, and <server>.id files are protected and available if a disaster occurs.

  • Configure the DAOS prune period as recommended in the Lotus Domino documentation. However, Symantec recommends that you do not set the DAOS prune period for a period less than the time between two Domino backups.

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