Restoring DB2 data

Before you restore DB2 resources, make sure that you have completed all of the preparations for installing and configuring the DB2 Agent.

See Requirements for the DB2 Agent.


In a CASO environment, you can delegate a DB2 restore job to a managed media server. However, if the restore job uses encrypted DB2 backup sets from which to restore, the restore job may fail. An error message may appear that indicates the managed media server does not have the required encryption keys necessary to complete the job. You must create the encryption keys on the managed media server that runs the restore job.

See Creating an encryption key.

To restore DB2 data

  1. On the navigation bar, click the arrow next to Restore.

  2. Click New Restore Job.

  3. On the properties pane, under Source, click Selections.

  4. On the View by Resource tab, expand the All Resources icon.

  5. Expand the system resource that contains the database instance that you want to restore.

  6. Do one of the following:

    To restore the entire database

    Check Current Database.

    If the database is offline, the Current Database is empty and you cannot make selections.

    To restore a backup set

    Check a backup set, or a historical set.

    To restore a table space

    Expand either Current Database or a backup set, and then check any of the table spaces that you want to restore.

  7. On the properties pane, under Settings, click DB2.

  8. Complete the appropriate options.

    See DB2 restore options.

  9. Select other restore options from the Properties pane as appropriate, and then start the restore job.

    See Restoring data by setting job properties.

  10. Run a full backup of the restored database.

Restoring DB2 data