DB2 backup options

You can set specific backup options for DB2 resources when you create a backup job.

See Backing up DB2 resources.

The following table describes the DB2 backup options:

Table: DB2 backup options



Backup method

Specifies which of the following backup methods to use for the backup job:

  • Full – Back up selections. Performs a full backup of DB2 selections.

  • Differential – Back up changes since last full. Backs up all database changes since the last full backup.

  • Incremental – Back up changes since last full or incremental. Backs up all database changes since the last full or incremental backup.

Perform the backup offline

Takes the database offline before you start the backup job. Backup Exec brings the database online after the backup job is complete.

If circular logging is enabled for the database, then you must select this option; otherwise the backup job fails.

Quiesce the database before offline backup

Forces all users off the database before it brings the database offline for the backup job. Users who are not actively running databases tasks are forced off the database. Users who are running database tasks can complete their current task before they are forced off.

DB2 backup options