Requirements for synthetic backup

Before you create a synthetic backup, review the following information:

  • Synthetic backup and the associated templates can only be created in policies.

  • In a policy that contains a synthetic backup, if an encryption key is used, all of the associated templates must use the same encryption key. The encryption key should not be changed after the policy has been created. The encryption key that is selected in the associated templates is automatically applied to the synthetic backup template.

  • In a policy that contains a synthetic backup, incremental backups must use backup-to-disk folders or virtual tape libraries as destination devices. You cannot save the policy if one of these devices is not available.

  • To display the example policy for synthetic backup, you must have the following:

    • A backup-to-disk folder

    • A virtual tape library

    • A license key for the Advanced Disk-based Backup Option

    See About creating a synthetic backup by copying the example policy.

    See Re-creating example policies.

  • The option Collect additional information for synthetic backup and for true image restore must be selected for backup templates for incremental and full backup jobs created for synthetic backup. This option is on the General page of the Backup Job Template properties.

    See Creating a synthetic backup by adding templates to a policy.

    This option also enables true image restore for backup sets.

    See About true image restore.

  • If the baseline backup job was written to tape, and if you also want to write the synthetic backup job to tape, two tape drives are required: one to mount the source job on (the baseline backup) and one to mount the destination job on (the synthetic backup job).

Following are limitations when running synthetic backup:

Requirements for synthetic backup