Advanced options for synthetic backup templates

Advanced options for a synthetic backup template provide information about verify operations and compression types for the job.

See Creating a synthetic backup by adding templates to a policy.

Table: Advanced options for synthetic backup templates



Verify after job completes

Lets Backup Exec automatically perform a verify operation to make sure the media can be read after the backup has been completed. Verifying all backups is recommended.

Compression type

Displays one of the following:

  • None

    This option copies the data to the media in its original form. If the data was backed up using software compression, then it is copied in its software compression form. Using some form of data compression can help expedite backups and preserve storage media space.

    Hardware data compression should not be used in environments where devices that support hardware compression are used interchangeably with devices that do not have that functionality. If the drive that supports hardware compression fails, the compressed media cannot be restored with the non-compression drive.

  • Hardware [if available, otherwise none]

    This option uses hardware data compression (if the storage device supports it). If the drive does not feature data compression, the data is backed up uncompressed.

Advanced options for synthetic backup templates