Requirements for offhost backup

The following are requirements for offhost backup:

Table: Offhost backup requirements



Media server

The following must be installed on the media server:

  • Backup Exec

  • Advanced Disk-based Backup Option

Remote computer

The Backup Exec Remote Agent for Windows Systems must be installed on the remote computer.

Media server and the remote computer

The following must be installed on both the media server and on the remote computer:

  • The same operating system, either Microsoft Windows Server 2003 with Service Pack 2 or Windows Server 2008.

  • The most recent Volume Shadow Copy Services (VSS) patches.

  • The Microsoft VSS hardware or software snapshot provider that you want to use. Otherwise, the snapshots of the volumes cannot be deported to the media server.

  • Ability to access the disks that are shared between the media server and the remote computer.

GRT-enabled offhost backup of Exchange Server resources

The following requirements must be met:

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