About restoring data from ARCserve media

You can restore data from ARCserve media.

See Restoring data from ARCserve media.

The following types of data cannot be restored from ARCserve tapes:

  • Databases, such as Microsoft SQL and Exchange Server and NetWare Directory Services

  • Windows registry

  • Interleaved files

  • Compressed files

  • Encrypted files

  • Long filenames and Extended Attributes for OS/2 files

  • Long filenames and resource forks for Macintosh files

Media containing ARCserve backups can be overwritten; however, backup append jobs are not supported. All Backup Exec media utility functions can be performed on ARCserve media.

See About inventorying media.

See Creating a new catalog.

See Restoring data by setting job properties.

See About restoring media created with other backup software.


If the ARCserve backup spans multiple tapes, you must have all the tapes that were included in the ARCserve backup available. Make sure you start both the catalog and restore jobs with the first tape used in the ARCserve backup.

About restoring data from ARCserve media