About performing redirected restores of utility partitions

You may need to perform a redirected restore of a utility partition if, during a disaster recovery, the system being recovered has been renamed. A redirected restore could also be required if a new system is replacing a crashed system. In the latter case, the system being restored must be the same model as the system originally backed up.

When doing a redirected restore of utility partitions, the following conditions must be met:

  • Utility partitions, but not the data belonging to the partitions, must be present on the system.

  • You must have Administrator rights to restore utility partitions.

  • Utility partitions being restored must belong to the same vendor. For example, Dell utility partitions cannot be restored to a Compaq system.

  • The size of the utility partition on which the data is being restored must be equal or greater in size than the utility partition that was backed up.

  • The system on which the redirected restore is targeted must be the same make and model and have the same size utility partitions as the system from which the utility partition was backed up.

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