About selecting data to restore

When you are setting up a restore job, the first thing you do is select the data you want to restore. You can select data from the View by Resource tab or the View by Media tab.

You can find a list of icons that appear in the backup selections pane at the following URL:


On the View by Resource tab, restore selections are listed by the resource from which they were backed up.

Figure: View by Resource

Symantec Backup Exec view by resource About selecting data to restore

The View by Media tab displays nodes that represent the media that contain backup sets. Each node displays the media label for the media on which the backup set is contained.

Figure: View by Media

Symantec Backup Exec restore by media About selecting data to restore

If a backup set spans multiple pieces of media, the node for that backup set displays the media labels for all of those pieces of media. Beneath that node, the backup sets displays.


True image restore selections do not appear on the View by Media tab. You can view true image restore selections on the View by Resource tab.

To expand the view for a resource or piece of media, click the adjacent box that contains the plus sign (+). To collapse the view, click the minus sign (-).

When the view is expanded, backup sets contained on the resource or media are displayed. You can expand the backup set to view the data included in the backup. The data that has been backed up from the resource appears in the right pane of the Restore Job Properties – Selections dialog box. Remember that only media cataloged or backed up at this server are displayed in the views. If you want to restore data backed up at another installation of Backup Exec, you must catalog the media first.

You can traverse file levels from either side of the window by clicking folders and subfolders as they appear.

To select data, select the check box next to the drives, directory, or file you want to restore. If the Include subdirectories option is selected on the Restore Job Properties dialog box, all files and directories at or below the selected directory level are included in the restore job.

The check box and check mark displayed vary depending on the item’s status.

Figure: Data Selections

Symantec Backup Exec restore selections About selecting data to restore

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