Running a new report job

You can create a report job that saves the report data in the Job History. You can specify filters and filter ranges. You can also select recipients for notification; however, the report is not included in the notification. Report jobs run immediately and you cannot specify a schedule.

See Saving a report.

To run a new report job

  1. On the navigation bar, click Reports.

  2. On the Reports pane, select the report for which you want to run a job.

  3. Under General Tasks in the task pane, click New report job.

  4. On the Properties pane, under Settings, click General and then type the name for the job in Job name and select the Job priority.

    If another job is scheduled to run at the same time as this job, the priority you set determines which job runs first.

  5. On the Properties pane, under Settings, select the appropriate filter parameters for the data you want to include in the report.

    If filter parameters or settings are not available for a report, you will not be able to view the parameters.

    See Additional settings for standard reports.

  6. To notify recipients when the report job completes and to send the completed report to the recipients, do the following in the order listed.

    • On the Properties pane, under Settings, click Notification.

    • Select the recipients who you want to receive notification when the report job completes.

      See Configure Recipients options.

    • To include a copy of the completed report along with the notification, check Include job log with a notification to an e-mail or printer recipient.

  7. On the Properties pane, under Frequency, click Schedule and then click Submit job on hold if you want to submit the job with an on-hold status.

    Select this option if you want to submit the job, but do not want the job to run until you change the job’s hold status.

  8. Click Enable automatic cancellation, and then type the number of hours or minutes in the Cancel job if not completed within option.

    Select this option if you want to cancel the job if is not completed within the selected number of hours or minutes. Backup Exec starts timing the length of time the job takes to run when the job actually begins, not the scheduled time.

  9. After you have completed all the items you want to set for the new report job, click Run Now.

    The report is submitted according to the options you selected.

Running a new report job