About selecting data to back up

When you are setting up a backup job, select the data you want to back up. Make your selections from the backup selections pane on the Backup Job Properties dialog box.

You can find a list of icons that appear in the backup selections pane at the following URL:


There are several ways you can select data to back up. You can select an entire drive, a folder, files, System State, network share, Backup Exec Agent volume, or user-defined selection. You also can use the Advanced File Selection feature to include or exclude specific files or specific types of files. Or you can set up a selection list that you can reuse for several backups.


If the account to which you are logged on does not have sufficient rights, you are required to supply another logon account that can be used to view files for backup.

To expand the view for an item, click the plus sign (+) next to it or double-click the item name. To collapse the view, click the minus sign (-) next to an item or double-click the item name.

To view the contents of an item, double-click the item’s icon. The item’s contents appear in the right frame of the backup selections view. For all items (except System State), you can traverse file levels from either side of the window by clicking folders and subfolders as they appear.

When you are browsing remote selections, Backup Exec requires a valid logon account to expand the resources and devices. If the default logon account does not enable access to a remote selection, Backup Exec prompts you to select another existing logon account or create a new logon account that can access the selection.

To select data, select the check box next to the drive or directory you want to back up.

Figure: Data selection

Symantec Backup Exec backup selections About selecting data to back up

About selecting data to back up