About resource discovery

Backup Exec’s Resource Discovery feature allows detection of new backup resources within a Windows or Active Directory domain. Using this feature, you can create and schedule a job that searches for new server volumes or databases. You can specify which types of resources to include in the search, and can have Backup Exec send a notification when a new resource is discovered.

Using the discovered resources identified in the job log, you can then create a backup job to ensure that the new resource is protected.

When you set up a resource discovery job, Backup Exec lists all of the Windows domains it has discovered. If you have Active Directory domains, you must add them to the list manually. When the list of domains is in place, you select which domains you want to search for new resources.

The Remote Agent is required to discover resources on remote computers. However, installing a MAPI client on the media server enables Exchange resources to be discovered on remote resources on which the Remote Agent is not installed.

On Windows Server 2003/2008 resources, Backup Exec’s Resource Discovery feature detects the Shadow Copy Components; it does not detect System State.

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