About export media templates

You can use the export media template to set up an export media utility job that runs automatically after a backup or duplicate backup set job completes. If the targeted device is a library with a portal, the export media job moves the media from its slot in the portal and generates an alert reminding you to remove the media from the portal. You can select a vault to move the media to after it is exported from the robotic library slots. If the device is a library that does not have a portal, the export media job will generate an alert reminding you to remove the media from the indicated slot.

The export media template must be part of a multi-template policy. There must be a source template that produces media and initiates the export job. For example, if you want to export media after your monthly full backup completes, set up a policy with a backup template for the monthly full backup job and set up an export template to run after the monthly full job completes. If a job requires multiple pieces of media, the export media job starts after the source backup job completes, not after each piece of media is filled.

When you create an export media template, Backup Exec automatically adds the After <Template A> completes, start <Template B> to export media template rule to the policy. Backup Exec replaces <Template A> with the name of the template that you select as the source for the export media template, such as a backup template. Backup Exec replaces <Template B> with the export media template.

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