Media type properties for devices

Media types properties display the types of media that you can place in the device. You can specify the media types to use for read or write operations. By default, all media type categories are listed, and are allowed for use by both read and write operations.

See Viewing storage device properties.

Backup Exec’s device and media database maintains a list of media types, such as 4mm, and then further defines the subcategories of a media type. For example, a 4mm media type can include 4mm DDS-1 with a length of 60m and the storage capacity of 1.3 GB. Another 4mm tape might also be a 4mm DDS-1 but have a length of 90m and a storage capacity of 2GB.

If you have bar code support for a robotic library that uses different types of drives, you can create a bar code rule so that Backup Exec can identify which media type to use in a drive.

See Bar code rules in mixed media libraries.

Table: Media type properties for devices



Media Types

Displays types of media, such as 4mm, and any defined category of this media type, such as CLN for cleaning tape. Media types that have numbers appearing in brackets (for example, 4mm [6]) can be used to define specific bar code rules.


Displays Yes if this media type can be read by the device.


Displays Yes if this media type can be written to by the device.

Media type properties for devices