Configuration properties for robotic libraries

Configuration properties let you enable a robotic library to be initialized when Backup Exec starts, enable bar code rules, and specify slot base numbering.

Table: Configuration properties for robotic libraries



Enable startup initialization

Indicates if Backup Exec initializes the robotic library when the Backup Exec service is started. Depending upon the type of robotic library, initialization can determine which slots have media and can read all bar code labels on media.

The default setting is off.

You may want to enable this option if the library does not initialize itself when it starts. However, if the library is shared by multiple servers, you should not enable this option since each server must initialize the library. Other servers cannot access the library until all of the initialization processes are complete.

If you do not want to initialize the library at startup, you can run an initialization job at any time.

See Creating a job to initialize a robotic library.

Enable bar code rules

Indicates if bar code rules are enabled for the robotic library. If you create a bar code rule to specify the type of media that Backup Exec should use in a robotic library drive, you must enable bar code rules for that library before the rules are used.

The default setting is off.

See Bar code rules in mixed media libraries.

Slot base

Depicts the starting slot for this robotic library. Backup Exec determines what the starting slot should be for this type of library. Some robotic libraries have slots that start at 0. Other libraries start at 1. You can change the starting slot if necessary.

See Reassigning a slot base number for robotic libraries.

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