Media locations and vaults

Media in Backup Exec can be located in any of the following:

  • Online media. This location lists media that reside in a storage device, robotic library slot, or backup-to-disk folder. Online media is defined by Backup Exec, so you cannot delete or rename it, and you cannot add or move media to it.


    If you move media from the online media location, its overwrite protection period and append period remain in effect.

  • Offline media. This location displays all media that are onsite but are not in devices or slots, or media vaults. Media are automatically moved to this location if you use Backup Exec to remove media from a device or slot. You can add media to the offline location from another media location. To move offline media back to online, run an inventory of the devices or slot, or catalog the media. You cannot delete or rename the offline location.

  • User-defined media vault. A media vault is a logical representation of the actual physical location of media. You can create media vaults to keep track of where media is physically stored, such as a special media room, a scratch bin, or an offsite location. For example, you could create a media vault where media to be sent offsite are moved. Then, print the Media Vault Contents report, which lists the media contained in that vault, to accompany the physical media to their offsite storage. You can also create vault rules to help you track when media should be moved to or returned from a vault.

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