Renaming a media label

Use Rename to assign a new label to media. The new label is not actually written to the media until an overwrite operation occurs. All data on the media is preserved until the next overwrite job. However, the new media label is stored in the database and is displayed for that media. To write a new media label to the media immediately, use Label Media on the device’s property page. The media’s contents will be erased.

If you rename a media, and then use it in another installation of Backup Exec, that media is treated as imported media, and the media’s original media label is displayed; the renamed label is not transferred to other installations of Backup Exec.

To rename media

  1. Do one of the following:

    • If the media is in a device, then from the navigation bar, click Devices, and then click that device to display the media.

    • If you don’t know where the media is, from the navigation bar, click Media, and then click All Media to display all media.

  2. Select the media you want to rename.

  3. Under General Tasks in the task pane, click Rename.

  4. In Name, type a new media label, and then click OK.

  5. Write this media label on an external label fixed to the outside of the physical media.

Renaming a media label