About creating media sets

A media set consists of rules that specify append periods, overwrite protection periods, and vaulting periods.

When you create a new media set, you specify an append period and an overwrite protection period for the set. When media is associated with the media set, the append and overwrite protection periods apply to that media.

You can also specify vault rules, which allow you to set dates for when media should be reported as ready to be moved to or returned from a media vault. The Vault Wizard logically moves the media, and then exports the media, but you must physically move the media to and from the vault. You can use the Vault Wizard to print or view reports that contain details on which media are ready to be moved, and to update the media location.

If your environment includes remote sites, you should create separate media sets for each remote site, so that if vault rules are enabled, the reports contain details on which media are ready to be moved for just that site.


Even if the overwrite protection period is current, media can still be overwritten if the overwrite protection level is set to None.

See Media overwrite protection levels.

See Configuring vault rules for media sets.

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