Deleting a backup-to-disk file

You must move backup-to-disk files to the Retired Media set before you can delete them. When you delete a backup-to-disk file from the Media tab in Backup Exec, it is deleted from Backup Exec but the Windows folder and files still exist in Windows Explorer. You can recreate the deleted backup-to-disk files.

If you want to delete the file from the disk, use Windows Explorer to navigate to the file and delete it. When the file is removed from the disk using Windows Explorer, you cannot restore it in Backup Exec.

To delete a backup-to-disk file

  1. On the navigation bar, click Media.

  2. Click the media set that contains the backup-to-disk file.

  3. Use the Windows drag-and-drop feature to move the backup-to-disk file into the Retired Media set.

  4. On the results pane, select the backup-to-disk file you want to delete.

  5. Under General Tasks in the task pane, select Delete.

  6. When prompted to delete the backup-to-disk file, click Yes, or if you selected multiple backup-to-disk files, click Yes to All.

Deleting a backup-to-disk file