About sharing backup-to-disk folders

You can share backup-to-disk folders between computers if the Central Admin Server Option (CASO) or the SAN Shared Storage Option is installed.


You cannot share a removable storage device.

In the Devices view, shared backup-to-disk folders are listed under each computer that has access to that backup-to-disk folder. All of the logical groupings of the backup-to-disk folders are displayed in the Devices view, under Device Pools.

To stop sharing a backup-to-disk folder, delete it from the computer that you don’t want to share it with.

A backup-to-disk folder that was created by a previous installation of Backup Exec cannot be shared, and is considered unknown by Backup Exec. If Backup Exec finds an unknown backup-to-disk folder at the specified path, you are prompted to create a new backup-to-disk folder at that path.

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