What’s new in Backup Exec

This release of Backup Exec includes the following new features and capabilities:

Table: New features and capabilities in Backup Exec

New feature


Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2

Lets you do the following:

  • Back up and restore data using the new Express (system state) writers

  • Back up and restore operating system boot files from unnamed partitions

  • Back up and restore Cluster Shared Volumes (CSV)

  • Back up from and restore to native VHD files

Support for the Server Core installation option of Windows Server 2008 R2

Lets you install the Backup Exec Remote Agent for Windows Systems on the Server Core for backup and restore operations. The Remote Agent also installs the Remote Agent Utility Command Line Applet. This applet lets you monitor Backup Exec operations on the remote computer.

Support for Microsoft Windows 7

Lets you install the Backup Exec Remote Agent for Microsoft Windows 7 computers for backup and restore operations. The Backup Exec Desktop and Laptop Option provides automated file protection for Windows 7 computers. Backup Exec also supports BitLocker drive encryption.

Enhanced Backup Exec License Assessment Tool

Supports the license key scans on all installations of Backup Exec System Recovery and Backup Exec 2010 on your network.

The License Assessment Tool report now provides the following new information:

  • The versions of Backup Exec that are installed so that you can plan to upgrade your environment.

  • A web link on the report that provides upgrade assistance so that you can read about the new features in current releases.

Support for new platforms for the Remote Agent for Linux or UNIX Servers

Supports the following platforms:

  • Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.2

  • Ubuntu 8.10

  • XenServer 5

  • Debian 4.0, 5.0

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise 11

Support for a new platform for the Remote Media Agent for Linux

Supports SUSE Linux Enterprise 11.

Enhancement for Library Expansion Option

Supports each additional drive that you add after the first drive that you add in each robotic library. When you install Backup Exec, support for the first drive in every robotic library is included. The Library Expansion Option enables support for each additional drive in a robotic library.

Home view on the Backup Exec Administration Console

Lets you add or delete items to customize the display of your important Backup Exec features. In one view, you can display summaries of jobs, alerts, and devices, and the technical support sites that you want fast access to. You can add as many or as few items as you want.

Installation DVD

Provides all of the Backup Exec installation files on a single DVD.

Share Your Ideas web link

Lets you suggest new ideas for Symantec Backup Exec by clicking this link that is located at the top of the Backup Exec Administration Console . After you have submitted your suggestions, other community members can vote or comment on the idea. The ideas with the most votes move to the top of the list. Symantec product managers review these ideas for possible features in future releases.


Enables data to be copied from a virtual device directly to a physical device. The Backup Exec media server records information about the data in the catalog. Because the information about the copied data is in the catalog, you can restore data from either the virtual device or the physical device.

Verify backup sets template

Lets you run verify operations independent of backup and duplicate backup jobs. The verify backup sets template lets you schedule a verify operation to run at any time after a backup. For example, you can schedule the verify operation to run outside of your backup window if your network resources are scarce. The verify backup sets template also greatly enhances the benefits you receive from Backup Exec’s Deduplication Option by letting you verify backup sets locally.

Backup Exec includes an example policy that is preconfigured with a verify backup sets template.

Typical installation

Provides a new, simpler wizard for installation. This installation method is designed for small or uncomplicated environments. Backup Exec makes many of the installation decisions for you, based on common installation scenarios. If you prefer to set all of your installation options, you can use the Custom installation option, which provides the same installation wizard that was available in Backup Exec 2010.

Backup Exec Renewal Assistant

Lets you access maintenance contract expiration information from within Backup Exec.

The Renewal Assistant uses the contract expiration information to automatically set the Backup Exec alerts that remind you to renew the maintenance contracts before they expire. Reminder alerts are set at 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day intervals, based on the expiration date of the maintenance contract.

Symantec RSS Reader

Lets you view and add Backup Exec and Symantec RSS feeds in the Home view on the Backup Exec Administration Console.

Enhanced Backup Wizard

Provides a more efficient design that makes it easier for you to back up your computers. The wizard helps you create a backup job that uses the recommended best practices.

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