About Backup Exec media server components

The following media server components allow greater control of backups and disaster recovery:

Table: Backup Exec media server components



Symantec Backup Exec Advanced Open File Option

Ensures that all files on your network are protected even if they are being used. Whether used alone or in combination with specific database agents, this option handles open files at the volume level and is seamlessly integrated with Backup Exec. You do not need to know which files are open ahead of time; just set a scheduled backup to use this option.

See About the Advanced Open File Option.

Intelligent Disaster Recovery (IDR)

Provides a recovery solution for both local and remote Windows computers. This option eliminates the need to manually re-install the entire operating system after a computer failure. IDR lets you use diskettes, CD-R/CD-RW, or bootable tape to restore from your last complete backup set to get back online fast.

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About Backup Exec media server components