Detail items

You can customize the Backup Exec Home view by selecting the items that display.

See About the Home view.

Additionally, you can edit the information that displays on Detail items.

See Editing items on the Home view.

The Detail items provide itemized overviews on the status of your alerts and jobs.

Table: Detail items



Active Alerts

Lets you view all active alerts.

You can display any or all of the following types of alerts:

  • Attention Required

  • Error

  • Warning

  • Information

Job History

Lets you view job history for the specified period of time. You can select the window of time for which you want to view completed jobs.

Current Jobs

Lets you view all current jobs.

You can choose to display any or all of the following types of current jobs:

  • Active Jobs

  • Scheduled Jobs

  • Jobs On Hold

Detail items