Repairing Backup Exec

If you have missing or corrupted Backup Exec files or registry keys on the local media server, run the Repair option. The program stops all Backup Exec services, reinstalls corrupted files and registry keys, reinstalls tape devices (stand-alone drives and libraries), and restarts the services. The database is not reinstalled.

Any changes made to Backup Exec program files and registry keys will be reset to the original settings.

To repair Backup Exec

  1. Close the Backup Exec application.

  2. From the Windows Control Panel, double-click Add or Remove Programs.

  3. At the Add or Remove Programs dialog box, select Symantec Backup Exec, and then click Change.

  4. On the Welcome panel, click Next.

  5. Select Local installation and Repair, and then click Next.

    Make sure the option Remote installation is not selected.

  6. If you are prompted to enter credentials for the Backup Exec service account, type the correct credentials, and then click Next.

  7. Select Install.

  8. Click Finish.

Repairing Backup Exec