Before you install

Before you install Backup Exec, you should do the following:

  • Run the Backup Exec Environment Check on the computer on which you want to install Backup Exec. The Environment Check analyzes the computer to make sure that the installation process can complete. If Backup Exec finds configuration issues that can be fixed during the installation, or that may prevent the installation, warnings appear. Although the Environment Check runs automatically during installation, you may want to run it manually before you install Backup Exec or before you back up data with Backup Exec.

  • Install the storage device hardware (controller, drives, robotic libraries) on the media server. Refer to the documentation that is included with your storage device hardware for installation instructions. Use the appropriate Windows hardware setup functions to configure your controller and storage devices. Refer to your Microsoft Windows documentation for more information.

  • Check your Windows security settings to make sure that they work properly with the Backup Exec service account.

  • If the drive on which you want to install Backup Exec is encrypted or compressed, and you would like to use a default SQL Express database, verify that an unencrypted and uncompressed drive is available for SQL Express installation.

  • Check the computer name of the computer on which you want to install Backup Exec. It should only use standard ANSI characters. You may receive errors if you install Backup Exec on a computer with a name that uses non-standard characters.

  • If you want to install Backup Exec to a non-English version of Windows, download the SQL Express SP3 setup file from the Microsoft Web site before you install Backup Exec if all of the following are true:

    • You want to use a local Backup Exec SQL Express instance.

    • You have non-English SQL Server instances on the computer on which you want to install Backup Exec.

  • Exit all other programs.

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Before you install