About the differences between a typical installation and a custom installation

The Backup Exec installation program provides two methods of installation: typical and custom. A typical installation is a simpler installation method than a custom installation and is designed for small or uncomplicated environments. For example, if you use a local media server and a few Backup Exec agents or options, then a typical installation may be best for you. A custom installation is designed for large or complex environments. You can also use the custom installation method if you prefer to set all of your options. For example, if you use a remote media server or use the Central Admin Server Option or the SAN Shared Storage Option, you should perform a custom installation.

With a typical installation, Backup Exec makes the following decisions for you, based on common installation scenarios:

  • Backup Exec is installed to a local media server.

  • SQL Express is installed with the default instance.

  • Agents and options are installed if you enter the license keys for them. If you do not enter any license keys, a trial version of Backup Exec is installed.


    If you enter a license key for an agent or option that is not compatible with the typical installation method, such as the Central Admin Server Option, then the installation program automatically switches to the custom installation method.

  • LiveUpdate runs automatically.

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About the differences between a typical installation and a custom installation