About Backup Exec maintenance contract information

After you purchase maintenance contracts for your Backup Exec products, Symantec automatically updates the Symantec Licensing Portal Web site with your maintenance contract information. Maintenance contract information includes the contract serial number and the contract expiration date.

You can use the Renewal Assistant to access the maintenance contract expiration information from within Backup Exec. The Renewal Assistant then uses the contract expiration information to automatically set Backup Exec alerts that remind you to renew the maintenance contracts before they expire. Reminder alerts are set at 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day intervals, based on the expiration date of the maintenance contract.

To retrieve the contract expiration dates, you enter your maintenance contract serial numbers in the Renewal Assistant. The Renewal Assistent connects to the Symantec Licensing Portal Web site, at which point you may be prompted to enter customer and technical contact information. The Renewal Assistant then retrieves the maintenance contract information for each contract that you have purchased.


The Renewal Assistant requires an active Internet connection on the media server where you run the Renewal Assistant. If the Internet is unavailable, you can use the Renewal Assistant to set a one-time manual alert for the contracts that appear on your purchase certificate.

All Backup Exec products and maintenance contracts are assigned Symantec serial numbers. The serial numbers appear on the printed certificate that you receive with your order. To determine the correct serial numbers to enter in the Renewal Assistant, look for the Maintenance/Subscription columns on your certificate. Each maintenance contract specifies a start date and an end date; these dates appear in the Maintenance/Subscription columns.

Maintenance contract serial numbers consist of a letter and a series of numbers. They are not the same as Backup Exec license keys, nor do they use the same format as license keys.

Table: Backup Exec serial number formats and license key formats

Serial number format

License key format



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