About manual disaster recovery of Windows computers

If your system is not protected by Backup Exec 2010 Intelligent Disaster Recovery (IDR), you can manually recover a computer.

See Running a disaster recovery operation on a remote Windows computer (includes non-authoritative and authoritative restore of Active Directory for a domain controller).

If your system is protected by IDR, you should use automated disaster recovery.

See About the Intelligent Disaster Recovery Option.

The manual disaster recovery procedures restore your computer’s operating system to its pre-disaster state and restore your data files, except those protected by one of the Backup Exec agents.

You should perform manual disaster recovery in the following situations:

  • The Windows operating system has become corrupted and cannot be restored using the Emergency Repair Disks.

  • The hard drive containing the Windows operating system has encountered an unrecoverable error that requires reformatting the disk.

  • The hard drive that contains the Windows operating system needs to be replaced.

About manual disaster recovery of Windows computers