About specifying backup networks

The Backup Network feature allows you to direct primary backup traffic generated by Backup Exec to a specific local network. Directing backup jobs to a specified local network isolates the backup data so that other connected networks are not affected when backup operations are performed. You also can use a backup network when restoring data. The feature is enabled on the media server and allows you to protect all the remote computers that reside on the specified local network.

When the feature is enabled and a backup job is submitted, Backup Exec verifies that the remote computer is on the same subnet as the selected interface on the media server. If the remote computer is on the selected subnet, then the backup operation is performed.

If the remote computer is not on the selected subnet, then the job fails. However, you can set up Backup Exec to use any available network to back up remote computers.

The following diagram shows an example of a basic backup network configuration.

Figure: Example of backup network

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In the example, the database server and mail server are connected to both the backup network and the corporate network.

When backup operations are performed by the Backup Exec media server, the backup data will use either the backup network or the corporate network to back up the database server. If the backup data goes through the corporate network, the amount of time it takes to back up the database server will increase because the network route between the two computers is longer. This may cause users to experience network latencies when accessing the mail server since there is an increase in network traffic.

In contrast, if the Specified Backup Network feature is enabled and you back up the database server, the backup data traffic is isolated to the backup network and users accessing the mail server are not affected. The backup network will be used to perform all backup operations, unless the remote computer is not connected to the backup network.

If you want to back up remote computers that are not connected to the backup network, such as the database user’s computer, then choose to use any available network route. This allows you to back up the remote computer even though it does not reside on the backup network.

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