About configuring DBA-initiated job settings

When you create a DBA-initiated backup operation, you can specify the default job template in Backup Exec. You can also specify a new job template that you create in Backup Exec. The job template contains the settings that Backup Exec applies to DBA-initiated jobs.

Make sure that the name of the job template that you want to use is also configured in the instance information on the Windows computer.

See Configuring the Oracle Agent on Windows computers and Linux servers.

Note the following about DBA-initiated jobs:

  • DBA-initiated jobs fail when the related job template is deleted. To stop DBA-initiated jobs from running, delete the related DBA-initiated job template.

    See Deleting a job template for DBA-initiated jobs.

  • All DBA-initiated backup and restore jobs are deleted after the jobs have completed.

  • You cannot set minimum device requirements for DBA-initiated jobs.

See About performing a DBA-initiated backup job for Oracle.

See Creating a template for DBA-initiated jobs.

See Editing DBA-initiated jobs.

About configuring DBA-initiated job settings