Copy Logon Account options

You can copy logon account information to a different media server.

See Copying logon account information.

Table: Copy Logon Account options



Server Name

Indicates the name of the media server you want to copy the logon account information to, and then click Add.


Adds the media server from the Server Name field to the list of media servers.


Removes a media server from the list.

Import List

Imports a list of media servers to be added to the media servers in the list. The list should include only the media server name, with one per line.

Logon Account

Specifies the logon account to use when connecting to the media servers in the list.

If an account with this description already exists on the destination server, overwrite it

Overwrites logon accounts for an existing job having the same name. This option only appears if you are copying a job to another media server.

Copy Logon Account options