Edit Logon Credentials options

You can change the properties of an existing logon account.

See Editing a Backup Exec logon account.

Table: Edit Logon Credentials options



User name

Indicates the fully qualified user name for the Backup Exec logon account. For example, DOMAIN\Administrator. The user name is provided when you attempt to connect to a resource. The user name you enter is not case sensitive for the resources that are accessed.

Change Password

Enables you to change the password for the account. The password you enter is encrypted for security.

Account Name

Indicates the unique name for the Backup Exec logon account. The user name is automatically added if you do not enter information into the field.


Indicates how the Backup Exec logon account will be used.

This is a restricted logon account

Enables the Backup Exec logon account to be used only by the owner of the logon account and those who know the password. If this is not selected, the Backup Exec logon account will be a common account. Common accounts are shared accounts that can be accessed by all users.

See About Backup Exec restricted logon accounts.

This is my default logon account

Makes this account your default Backup Exec logon account used to browse, make selections, or restore data on your local and remote resources.

Edit Logon Credentials options