About Backup Exec restricted logon accounts

Backup Exec logon accounts can be common or restricted. When you create a Backup Exec logon account, you can designate it as a restricted account. To use a restricted logon account, you must be the owner of the logon account or you must know the password for the logon account. The person who created the logon account is the owner. If you authorize only a few people to back up or restore data, you can make the logon account a restricted logon account.

The main reasons to restrict a logon account are as follows:

  • To help you limit access to the resources available for backup.

  • To help you limit the computers to which you can restore.

When you use a restricted logon account to select the resources for a job, the logon account information is saved with the selection list. Anyone who tries to edit the job must provide the password to the restricted logon account. Backup Exec loads the selections for that job only when the password for the restricted logon account is provided.

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About Backup Exec restricted logon accounts