Selections options for backup jobs

When the Backup Job Properties dialog box appears, Selections is chosen by default in the Properties pane. Through the Selections options, you choose the data you want to include in the backup job.

See Creating a backup job by setting job properties.

This dialog box includes the following options:

Table: Selections options for backup job



Selection list name

Designates the name of the selection list. If you create a job using an existing selection list, you can select the selection list you want to use. Otherwise, you can use the default Selection list name, which creates a new selection list using this name.

Load selections from existing list

Allows you to use a previously created selection list or merge existing selection lists.

See Load Selections from Existing List options.

Selection list description

Describes the selection list.


Allows you to use the Advanced File Selection option for selecting files for backing up.

See Backup Include/Exclude Selections options.

Include subdirectories

Selects the contents of all the subfolders when a directory is selected.

Show file details

Displays details about the files that you can select.

View by Resource

Allows you to view selections as a list of resources.

View Selection Details

Allows you to view selections as a list of files and directories.

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