Configuring alert category properties

You can set up alert categories to enable or disable alerts and to determine what actions should take place when an alert occurs.

Alternately, you can quickly enable and disable alerts from the Active Alerts pane without configuring other options.

See Enabling or disabling alerts from the Active Alerts pane.

Most alerts are enabled by default, however the following alert categories are initially disabled:

  • Backup job contains no data

  • Job Start

  • Job Success

Each time you change the alert configuration, it is recorded in the audit log. You can view the audit log at any time to view the changes made to the alert category.

To configure alert category properties

  1. On the navigation bar, click Alerts.

  2. Click Active Alerts.

  3. Under Alert Tasks in the task pane, click Configure alert categories.

  4. Under Alert Categories, click the alert for which you want to view or change properties.

    You can change the options for more than one alert category simultaneously. To select consecutive alert categories, click the first alert, press and hold down <Shift>, and then click the last item. To select alert categories that are not consecutive, press and hold down <Ctrl>, and then click each item.

  5. Under Category Properties, select the appropriate options.

    See Configure Alert Categories options.

  6. Click Apply to apply the properties to the alert and continue configuring additional alerts.

  7. Click OK to exit the Configure Alert Categories dialog box.

Configuring alert category properties